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WideAwake - Online ticket shop with a separate admin menu

What is WideAwake?
WideAwake was an event organized for and by students of the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam. Everything was purely done by a select group of students who volunteered to do so. Everything from arranging a location to the webshop and ticket managing system was made by students.
Our role in the creation of this event
We really liked the idea and the opportunity to be able to create your own online ticket shop, which would be used by a lot of people you see every day. So we reached out and got permission to make the web application for WideAwake.
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The result

Widewake website
Widewake website ticket
Wideawake website landing

What did we do?

Location pin

Online ticket webshop

One of our main priorities was to create a webshop where people could buy tickets for the event. We made it so all users could take a +1 to this event for an additional fee. Once a ticket was bought the user got an automatically generated PDF with a barcode to enter the event.

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Admin interface with managing tools

This was quite a big event with around 850 people we expected to attend it. Therefore we needed to make an admin interface where we could manage all the tickets bought and create custom tickets as well. We added loads of extra functions which made managing this event a lot easier.

Moozr Looking from the customer point of view

Payment provider intergration

We decided to integrate Mollie as our payment provider and managed to connect this to the login portal from their office 365 integration. This way we were able to track every payment per unique school number identifier.


We first started working on WideAwake in Oktober 2017, this is when it all started. The first month we really did a lot of research on what's the best strategy to apply for this project. We first made an Internet Project plan in order to make sure we planned everything as how we had in mind.

After thinking about what strategy to apply we started working on the project itself. We decided to split into two different teams. One of the teams was focussing on integrating the payment provider and making sure that works flawlessly as the others made sure of everything else.

We started testing the web application in February, we tested on a lot of factors to make sure everything works as expected for all kind of different situations. Whilst doing this we were able to learn a lot about how important testing is in order to make a successful product.

The deadline for this project was around the end of February, since then the customers would need to be able to order their tickets online. We were able to finish this project in time and actually were able to see it being used in a real environment. We were also able to see our creation being used on the event itself where all tickets were being scanned to verify their purchase.

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