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Loeroes iPad - Streatwear as you have never seen before

What is Loeroes?
This project was one of the first projects that we've done in a way we like to look handle our projects now, this project was a big inspiration for how we came on this strategy which we're using today.
From ideas, to a webshop with a twist..
We came by this project because this was initially requested for a school project, but it became way more than just a usual school project. We didn't have any specific requirements to add to this website, so we decided to challenge ourselves to make a new innovative webshop. The idea was to create a clothing brand where you could have a say on the design on the clothing itself, whilst still having a branding so it is easily recognizable. And that's exactly what we've done.
Get a succesful website as well

The result

Loeroes website

Which solutions did we provide?

Moozr Looking from the customer point of view

A clean and user-friendly webdesign

During this process we have been able to optimize the design and user experience to behave as much like the user would expect it too, this research helped us a lot in looking into what the customers are actually looking for, and where they are looking for it.

Location pin

Webshop development

For we have developed a Woocommerce website with some custom features to create your own design on the clothing piece. Once you had a design you liked you could generate a code for it, which is connected to the generated design. All of this can be applied to every product in their webshop.

Target your adience

Strategy and innovation

We decided to look at what kind of audience Loeroes was going for, this made us realize that we had to need a specific type of design to the website in order for it to blend in with the competitors who get a lot of attention. Combining this design with the innovative features we’ve been working on was our strategy.


In the beginning of April we started working on Loeroes, shortly after the plans were done we were able to start the process of this amazing project.

Not long after we've started on this project we did some research into the audience Loeroes wants to attract, which is people who like streetwear clothing brands. Knowing our audience we were able to do research on how to design a website suited for people who love streetwear. The research concluded that we should go by a simple and instructive design which is really clean. And so we did.

In May we started the development process of this webshop, we decided to make this with Wordpress in combination with Woocommerce, just to make it easier to implement with marketing tools and external applications. We've spent quite some time on creating the tool which is able to create unique designs and save them with a custom code people could fill in the get the exact same design on their clothing.

Later in May 2017 we finished the project with a result as we had in mind; A online webshop where you could customize your clothing and share them with your friends if wanted. We handed in our project to the client and he was very satisfied with the results and was amazed by the quality and throughout thinking, that we've done whilst working on this project.

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