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Audiencly - Influencer marketing agency

What is Audiencly?
Audiencly is a influencer marketing agency. Their mission is to connect brands to influencers for marketing campaigns. Audiencly can also help influencers to manage their channels.
Project details
Audiencly asked Moozr to create a new website that fits their needs. The website had to be clean and easy to edit. Therefore we chose to build their new website in WordPress using a custom theme to make sure it was perfect. This method was really useful in this situation since they would still have full control over the website layout whilst still having all the good things from a CMS like WordPress.
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The end result

Which solutions did we provide?

Moozr Looking from the customer point of view

Website development

During this project Moozr has created a custom website to represent Audiencly in the best way possible. We did this by building a SEO friendly website which is easy to use for both the business and influencers looking to get in contact with Audiencly.

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SEO optimization

During the development of the website we’ve spend quite some time on thinking about the technical SEO from the website, therefore we were able to tackle a lot of problems already before they existed, this is a crucial part whilst deploying a new website.

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Strategy and innovation

A really important part of this project was the strategy, most of the strategy was already thought about, but during the development of the website we’ve had plenty of ideas to optimize the strategy and communicated this to the customer to get the most out of their website.

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