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Our passion
Our passion is to create a website you and your customers love. That's what a successful website means to us and is also the reason why we started creating Moozr. Here at Moozr we like to think along as much as possible with the customer, by doing this we can get a clear vision what the customer has in mind and can use that information to find out what's best for the customers' customers. We are here to help you create a website you and your customers will love, in our eyes this is a successful website. We're sure our solutions can help you achieve this.
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Our story

Moozr was originally founded in December 2018 by Lorenzo Coomans. He initially started working on a web application made for businesses to train employees more easily in a cost-saving way, but soon he discovered that he might want to take it a step further and actually help other people create successful websites instead of creating his own. That's where it all began.

The development process of Moozr started in February of 2019 whereas Lorenzo started to create the website you are currently on, due to his experience from his work at a marketing agency he is known with several website strategies.

Here's where we are now. Creating beautiful and successful websites for customers we love and share a passion for their product and/or service. We are still learning every day and are happy to share our knowledge. We're sure one of our solutions can help you get a successful website as well.

Let us help you get the attention your website deserves.

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We've decided to develop our website via Moozr and I didn't regret it for a single second. The support and communication were just amazing, good job guys.

Timothy minest

Moozr helped us a lot in the development of our new website, we are really happy with the result. I can recommend anyone to check them out in case you are looking for a new website or are looking for one or for anyone who wants to update their website.

Alyssia King

Our customers love our new website, and so do we. If I ever need a new website again, I now know where I need to go. Thanks again!
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